The Paperless Clinic

electronic signature

Ambium, the clinic management software of choice, allows you to run a completely paperless operation. By signing test results and certificates using an electronic signature pad and storing the legally signed documents with your patient records, you may never need to print another Occupational Health Certificate of Fitness again.

If you need a few reasons to justify why converting your Occupational Health Clinic into a paperless environment with Ambium might be a good thing for your business, here are 10 more:

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Run your OH Clinic from the “Cloud” with Ambium

Software that is conventionally sold as a perpetual licence is normally associated with:

  • An up-front cost for software
  • Annual licence fees
  • The user pays for support or service level agreements
  • Time consuming and in many cases on-site software upgrades
  • The user has to pay for data backup services or has to concern themselves with data backups
  • The upkeep of on premise servers which can cost thousands per year on maintenance

Enter The “Cloud”

There is a better way of doing things. Software as a Service (SaaS) falls into the category of stuff (please excuse the highly technical term) covered by the “Cloud”. Ambium Cloud is a SaaS implementation of Ambium.

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