Ambium & Active Directory

occupational health software

Ambium  can integrate with your corporate directory service for user authentication.

So what exactly does this mean?

  • Your Clinic staff log in to Ambium with their corporate (domain) account and password. They do not require different User accounts with different passwords on Ambium.
  • All User activity in Ambium can be reliably linked back to a real person in the organisation.
  • User & password policies applied in Ambium  are managed by the corporate directory service as per the organisation’s rules.
  • Controlled access to Ambium : if a User account or password expires on the directory service, they will not have access to Ambium until this is resolved. And when a member of your Clinic staff leaves the organisation and their User account is removed from the corporate directory service, their access to Ambium  will be also be terminated.
  • Peace of mind: GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) will not be bothering you in your Ambium  managed Clinic.

For more information please visit the Ambium  home page; 

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