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Occupational Health Clinic Software

A Leading Technology Solution for any size Clinic

Custom Development

At Ambium Software, we recognize that your clinic operations are the beating heart of your business. You deserve a software solution that not only understands your clinic's unique needs but also meets your specific business requirements.

With Ambium Software, you can benefit from our customized development that is tailor-made to suit your clinic's needs. However, unlike bespoke software solutions that are developed from scratch, Ambium Software offers a well-established platform that adheres to evolving legal frameworks and testing standards. The best part? Our software solutions come at an affordable price, and in some cases, you may not even have to pay for customized design. Terms and conditions apply.


Choose Ambium Software for a reliable, cost-effective, and tailored software solution that puts your clinic's needs first.

Electronic Medical Records

Ambium Software records patient/employee details including a full employment and comprehensive medical history. Ambium Software allows the clinic to track NIHL and occupational diseases across their employment history. 

Equipment Integration

No other system integrates with as many audiometers, spirometers and vision screeners as Ambium Software does. If your device is not on the list, we'll add it. 

Business Intelligence (Reporting)

Exceptional reporting capability with multi-level, in depth search criteria.  

Environmental Sustainability

Ambium Software's electronic signatures with intelligent signature auditing, as well as our employer portal, makes running a completely paperless clinic a reality. 

Ambium Software provides a stable, cloud-based environment that operates on low bandwidth speeds. Once your clinic is connected to the internet, your individual workstations can seamlessly connect to your cloud database, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

What really sets us apart from other software solutions is our unique ability to work offline. Our software allows you to continue working even when your internet connection is down, resulting in better productivity and less downtime. We pride ourselves on leading the way in this highly technical and challenging field.

Our software is designed to cater to modern technology requirements in compromised environments. With Ambium Software, your clinic will have a broader reach into more rural and less connected locations, giving your mobile clinic an edge over the competition.

Choose Ambium Software for a reliable and innovative software solution that puts your clinic's needs first.

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