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Ambium & Active Directory

Ambium can integrate with your corporate directory service for user authentication.

So what exactly does this mean?

  1. Your Clinic staff log in to Ambium with their corporate (domain) account and password. They do not require different User accounts with different passwords on Ambium.

  2. All User activity in Ambium can be reliably linked back to a real person in the organisation.

  3. User & password policies applied in Ambium are managed by the corporate directory service as per the organisation’s rules.

  4. Controlled access to Ambium : if a User account or password expires on the directory service, they will not have access to Ambium until this is resolved. And when a member of your Clinic staff leaves the organisation and their User account is removed from the corporate directory service, their access to Ambium will be also be terminated.

  5. Peace of mind: GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) will not be bothering you in your Ambium managed Clinic.

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