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COVID-19 Screening

As South Africa heads into the unfortunate phase of COVID-19 growth, and with the workforce slowly having to return to work, screening employees before they enter the workplace will be a vital aspect of fighting the pandemic. Technology is a crucial tool in the fight against COVID-19.

Our mining customers are doing their COVID-19 employee screening through Modiri Health. The DMR is very strict on what is required and Ambium provides the technology to put the requirements into practice. Dr. Els, Modiri Health, Ambium Cloud customer since 2018

With a good system in place, screening of employees doesn’t need to be an administrative nightmare. With Ambium Cloud, employees can be screened and records captured directly into the system. Plus, the records are also stored in the cloud which makes for easy access from any location.

Employee declarations can be electronically signed if you are required to keep a legal record of the screening. A complete reporting system allows you to provide information on the spot, whether to your manager or to any governing or informational organisation.

Workplace screening was essential to stop the spread. Kerrin Begg, public health specialist at the University of Stellenbosch

If your clinic is providing the service of “return-to-work” medicals and daily/weekly screening of the employees of your customers, Ambium Cloud provides the ideal solution. Your mobile clinic can be at any site at any time while you stay in touch with what is happening on the ground.

With Ambium, every employee can be issued with a Certificate

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