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Superior Medical Equipment Integration for Your Clinic

Ambium integrates with more manufacturers and models of occupational health screening equipment than any other clinic management software.

Scenario One

Your occupational health clinic has the management software system you want. It’s a great online system and your data from your other clinics can be seen from your office. You don’t really have internet connectivity downtime so you’re not too fussed about an online/offline system. You’ve got your audiometers, your spirometers and your vision screeners. They probably don’t integrate to your primary software system but it’s okay because test results can be manually captured and attached. Or maybe the devices are getting a little old now and you may need to change one or two soon.

You contact your software provider and they tell you that they will supply the replacement devices as those are the only devices that they connect to. The devices are quite pricey but you have no choice.

Well, actually you do have about 25 choices (and counting). Ambium connects to a wide range of devices which gives you the freedom to shop around for the product that suits your clinic best and comes at the right price. Plus it can integrate to your primary management software so that data is sent to your back-office seamlessly.

You do NOT need to purchase new equipment to get the best software on the market and if you do purchase equipment, you do NOT have to purchase the equipment supplier’s software.

Scenario Two

You’ve got your clinic running but all your forms and questionnaires are in Word and Excel. You’ve decided that you’re too busy to function like this any longer and you want a solution that will manage your clinic. You Google and ask around and soon realise that most software seems to come with the caveat – If you want the software, you need to purchase our equipment, or; If you want the equipment, you need to purchase our software. However, the truth is that you do NOT need to purchase new equipment to get the best software on the market and if you do purchase equipment, you do NOT have to purchase the equipment supplier’s software.

This is a common scenario. Many third-party equipment suppliers (not OEM’s) often have shoddy, cheaply produced and quite frankly, embarrassing software solutions with the main purpose of selling their equipment for the calibration return business and consumables. Equipment suppliers will have their own software designed at budget costs and in quick time to try to gain market share as quickly as possible.

Obviously, I exclude OEM software which is supplied free of charge with the equipment.

The Ambium Solution

All reports have a standard layout regardless of what combination of devices are used at your clinic. No other solution will afford you this much flexibility.

With Ambium available in Professional, Enterprise or Cloud configurations, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better all-rounder. Ambium Cloud offers offline and online functionality for those remote locations with little or no connectivity. Data seamlessly synchronizes once connectivity is established.

The list below represents the equipment which is currently seamlessly integrated with Ambium.


  1. Tremetrics RA300

  2. Tremetrics RA300 Plus

  3. Tremetrics RA500

  4. Tremetrics RA650

  5. Tremetrics RA660

  6. Interacoustics AS216

  7. Amplivox 170

  8. Amplivox PC850

  9. Kuduwave Plus

  10. Kuduwave Pro

  11. Kuduwave Prime

  12. Resonance R07A

  13. Oscilla SM930

Vision Screeners

  1. Titmus V4

  2. Titmus i400

  3. Titmus i500

  4. Titmus 2a

  5. Keystone VS-V GT

  6. Keystone VS-V

  7. Keystone DVS-V GT


  1. NDD Easy on-PC

  2. NDD EasyOne

  3. AME (and derivatives)

  4. MIR Minispur

  5. KoKo

If your device is listed above, there is no better time than right now to discover what Ambium can do for your clinic.

We are actively integrating with further devices, however, If you don’t see your device on the list, e-mail us at and we will integrate with your device.

Ambium doesn’t sell equipment – we integrate it. Click HERE to contact us for more info.

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