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Ambium Cloud Offline/Online Functionality

Cloud solutions operate in an online environment. While this is perfectly fine when being used with fast and stable connectivity, it’s not always practical when considering that Occupational Health medical surveillance is often done in remote locations with no internet at all. Enter Ambium Cloud – the only solution that offers online and offline capability while integrating to your screening equipment.

Firstly, to understand how the system works, one needs to understand how online and offline would work separately from each other.

Ambium stores the medical records to a database server. In order for online/offline to work, there needs to be a server in the clinic as well as in the Cloud. Richard – Creator and lead architect

Online Mode:

When the internet is off (right), the clinic cannot communicate with the database

Simply put, when in online mode Ambium connects directly to the Cloud server from each pc in the clinic. This works fine if your clinic has a stable internet connection. The problem with an online-only system is that when there is an interruption in internet connectivity, the clinic comes to a standstill as connectivity to the Cloud server is interrupted. Point in case, browser-based systems. With Ambium Cloud, the OMP can also connect to the Cloud to view medical records from any location in the world.

Most, if not all, high-end clinic solutions offer online-based solutions only, at a very high premium.

Offline Mode or Non-Cloud based systems:

No Cloud available

Offline mode requires a Database server to be set up in the clinic (local server). Many entry level systems don’t even offer a network server and data has to be saved on each individual machine. But if there is a local server, all the computers in the clinic connect to this server which is where all the medical records are kept. There is no internet connection required for Offline Mode. However, the data is only accessible by the computers within the clinic which are connected to the local server. This means that files will have to be delivered or emailed to the OMP and manual backups of all the clinic’s data will need to be managed and strict protocols adhered to.

All of the entry-level equipment integration software packages (audio, vision, spiro) available on the market currently only offer a local, offline solution.

How does Ambium Cloud Online/Offline Work?

Even though the internet is down (right), the clinic can still operate with Ambium

Ambium combines the best of online and the best of offline to bring to the clinic a system that works whether there is internet or not. When there is an internet connection, the local server syncs seamlessly with the cloud server. When there is no internet connection, the local server takes care of business until the internet is back, which is when it will sync with the Cloud again without you even realising that there was no internet in the first place.

Imagine how useful this is for mobile clinics? There really is no better solution. Perhaps it’s time to switch your business to Ambium Cloud.

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