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Why Ambium is the Only Truly End-to-End Occupational Health Clinic Management Software

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ambium is best known for its seamless device integration capabilities. However, it also covers all other aspects of the Occupational Health Clinic and is moving steadily into the primary healthcare sector too.

It is the only product that can offer all these incredible features in one package: Native Device Integration, Risk-based Medical Surveillance, Paperless Operations, Biometrics, Back-office Integration, Flexible Deployment, Accessibility, …

Native Device Integration

Ambium currently integrates natively with 7 audiometer manufacturers (15 models), 2 vision screener manufacturers (7 models), and 5 spirometer manufacturers (7 models). All these devices are operated from within Ambium, and the results gathered from the equipment are stored in Ambium. Data duplication and ‘double-capture’ is completely eliminated. There is no need to buy, use, manage, train and support multiple systems in the Occ Health Clinic.

Risk-based Medical Surveillance

Ambium provides all the features required for fit-for-duty assessments and medical surveillance. It works equally well for companies running their own in-house clinics, and for private clinics servicing the businesses in their area. Since this is the same system that is used to operate the medical equipment, all medical records are stored together, and accessible at all stations in (and out of) the clinic.

Paperless Operations

Ambium can significantly reduce the need for printing with the use of its unique DigiSign feature. All records (Certificates of Fitness, Audio Reports, Vision Reports, Lung Function Reports, Patient Consent Forms, Medical Scripts, etc.) can be signed using a digital signature pad from within the system. The original, legally signed documents are stored electronically with the patient records. Signed documents can be e-mailed to customers or patients, and printed if necessary.

Please read our article on the paperless clinic.

Multiple Clinics

Ambium Enterprise and Cloud combines multiple clinics on a single system. Data is shared between geographically distributed sites as if they were sharing the same office.


Operator access to Ambium can be controlled with fingerprints. Fingerprints can be used to identify and verify patients presenting for medicals, thus improving efficiency in the Clinic and preventing possible fraud.

Back-office Integration

Ambium provides standard integration points to share information with any ERP platform. Patient demographics can be sourced from a back-office system, and test results returned for storage in the back-office system.

Multi-tenant Support

A private clinic in most cases services multiple customers. In some instances, one customer may require that their data is kept separately from the other customer’s data. Also, a customer may require an integration of HR data from their systems to the clinic system, and a feed of the resulting medical data from the clinic system back to their system. Ambium Enterprise and Cloud can manage multiple customers in one clinic separate from each other, but sharing the same software versions and the same equipment.

Flexible Deployment

Ambium is available in 3 flavours: Professional, Enterprise and Cloud. It can be deployed in several configurations – a simple standalone PC; a small networked clinic; a group of individual clinics connected via the Internet (with mobile units); a large enterprise organisation consisting of multiple sites all over the world on a private network; etc.

The system has been specifically designed to support a distributed clinic model in an environment with poor network connectivity. The Ambium client intelligently manages its connectivity to ensure that the system is always available. When online, Ambium connects to the clinic’s centrally hosted server (or a hosted Cloud server). Failing that it falls back to the local hosted database on the clinic’s internal network. Failing that, or when in the field in a mobile unit, Ambium works completely offline. Updates are transparently synchronised to all nodes in the clinic network, with the added benefit that there are multiple backups of the data.

The Ambium client is self-updating on Enterprise and Cloud deployments. This means that software upgrades are managed centrally. There is no need for manual updates to possibly hundreds of PCs in a large organisation.

Please read our article on the Ambium Cloud.


Access to Ambium Enterprise and Cloud is available via several channels. A native desktop application in the clinics provides a fast, responsive solution for the operators where speed is critical to performing their daily duties. A web-based portal provides management information and remote access for non-operational users. An Internet portal and mobi app is available for the clinic customers and/or patients to access their own records from anywhere with an Internet connection.

A classic example: The OMP can review and electronically sign any document from anywhere… Open the document from within the Ambium desktop application, sign it using the electronic signature pad, and close it. The signed document is now stored in Ambium. The traditional “print – sign – scan – email – upload” workflow is a thing of the past.


Ambium includes (as standard) more than 35 reports, from simple summary reports for a period to comprehensive usage reports which can be used for billing purposes. All reports can be saved in PDF and Excel format. Dashboarding functionality (graphs and charts) is available on the browser-based channels.

Systems Focus

Ambium is a systems focused environment as apposed to an individual focused environment. This means that the clinic, which ordinarily relies on individuals using multiple systems, can now depend on Ambium for cataloging patient files and storing their medical records, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of human error. Fewer differing systems equals fewer hands, which equals fewer mistakes.


Our ability to make changes, add features, and cater to customer specific requirements in unparalleled. At Ambium, we pride ourselves in being able to be versatile and thoughtful in our development style. We are ever mindful of costs and very seldom require passing on fees to customers for the development of new or improved features.

For more information please visit the Ambium home page at or leave a comment below.

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