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Fraudulent Certificate of Fitness

It’s no secret that Certificates of Fitness are fraudulently manipulated on a regular basis so that unfit employees can gain access to work sites. It is often inevitable that the Occupational Health Clinic receives the phone call being expected to explain how their clinic CoF was changed and how they plan to remedy this.

It can be high stakes for clinics jostling for new business. They need to protect their reputation and a fraudulent CoF with their logo on it is the last thing that they need.

There is a Solution

Ambium has advanced technology features that make forgery very difficult:

  1. QR Code – The CoF is ‘branded’ with a QR Code, which provides a mechanism for the contents of the CoF to be verified.

  2. Electronic Signatures – CoFs that are signed electronically have the date of the signature printed behind the signature as a watermark.

  3. Online Portal – With Ambium’s online portal, the original CoF is available online. You can provide your customers access to the portal to fetch the original CoF. There is no printed CoF being passed around from one person to the next.


This is Betty Cheats’ CoF. All is in order and she is ready to enter the site. At a glance, her certificate looks fine and she would probably be allowed on site. However, if you have a free QR Code scanner on your phone, scan the code on her CoF.

This is the data in the QR Code: date of medical, ID number, employee name, employee number, fitness outcome and expiry date.

So now our Safety Officer can see that Betty Cheats has put her details on someone else’s CoF unbeknown to Bradley Pity. Below is Bradley’s CoF that Betty forged.

You can see on Betty’s original CoF below that she was found unfit for duty.

You may have noticed that there is also a watermark through the QR Code for even stricter security.

Insist on Ambium for all your patient and employee occupational health medical requirements. For more info and a demo, click HERE or click on the WhatsApp button to start a discussion.

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